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mind the gap | Retrospective

In 2002, Michaela Göltl and Christa Zauner created "mind the gap", an exhibition project that included exclusively artistic photography. At the time, this direction of visual art was not yet very present in Austrian galleries - yet the artists succeeded in convincing the management of the Ariadne Gallery, especially Thomas Netusil, of the relevance of their project.
Galerie Ariadne was founded in 1968 by George McGuire and the art collector Rudolf Leopold. In 1976 Ferdinand Netusil took over the gallery after its economic collapse and with a new programme he focused on the promotion of young artists*. At that time the gallery, like practically all other galleries, showed mainly male artists and mostly paintings. To exhibit the project of the two female photo artists nevertheless was therefore a relative novelty.
The Standard wrote correctly about this series: "The world is upside down and nobody notices it..."